Model tests of the Ocean Oasis buoy


Photo: At the Océanide test basin with one of the models in the deep water basin. From left: Thomas B. Johannessen, Benjamin Rousse, Sebastian Feimblatt, Kristine B. Fredriksen, Julie Tillon, Benjamin Bailly, Winifred P. L. Johansen, Thierry Rippol and Alexandre Cinello.

For the past month, model testing of Ocean Oasis’ wave energy converter concept for desalination has been ongoing at Océanide in Southern France. A range of hull shapes have been tested covering the full range of potential future installations.

During the model test campaign, an extensive range of buoy shapes and configurations have been tested in operation and survival conditions with the objective of validating our numerical tools and studying the hydrodynamics in more detail.

The test basin at Océanide has the capability of modeling waves, current and wind on fixed and floating structures in deep and shallow water. Together with a workshop providing high-quality models and an extensive range of instrumentation available, the facilities are highly suited for testing complex renewable concepts.

“The Océanide team has delivered excellent services throughout this challenging project and has provided a high-quality data set which will be very useful for many years”, says Thomas B. Johannessen who is following up the testing for Ocean Oasis.

The model test campaign is being conducted in La Seyne-sur-Mer, Southern France. Océanide provides model testing and engineering services for coastal and offshore applications, serving both public and private customers, as well as collaborative research projects. Océanide has a strong focus on offshore renewable technologies.

The model testing at Océanide is part of Ocean Oasis’ EIC Accelerator project named ReWater, co-funded by the European Union.

Photo: One of the models in the deep water basin.

Oct 16, 2023