Welcoming students from the Norwegian School of Economics

NHH Start student interns

Photo: Solène Feron, Foto NHHS

Ocean Oasis welcomes three students from NHH Norwegian School of Economics to the team for a new semester, through the SEB ScaleCenter collaboration with the student organization Start NHH.

Ocean Oasis has been located in SEB ScaleCenter, an incubator for sustainable fast-growing start-ups within central Norwegian industries since 2021. SEB has been working with Start NHH since 2020 with a vision to let students work with projects for start-up companies. While aiding these companies with consulting services, students at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) can get work experience and form connections with these types of businesses.

As part of the collaboration between Start NHH and SEB, the Ocean Oasis’ remote workforce team was formed in September 2021 by three students at NHH. Ocean Oasis is excited to welcome Martin Kvarsnes, Luying Yao and Sebastian Johansen to a new semester. Martin (27) is a fifth-year student, Luying (21) is in her third year while Sebastian (21) is a second-year student.

The students say it is motivating to work on the tasks given when they know that what they are doing can make a difference for Ocean Oasis.

Ocean Oasis has challenged us with tasks of great importance to them, and at the same time given us a deep look into how quickly things move for a growth company. Being part of this has been a great way to expand on my own abilities and personally I could not have asked for a better activity to do next to school!

Sebastian Johansen, student at NHH

For Martin, Luying and Sebastian, working together with Ocean Oasis has been a great way to get real work experience while attending school. Through this work they have achieved a greater understanding of what Ocean Oasis can deliver, the business model and operating market. This upcoming semester the students are looking forward to continuing their work and tackling new challenges that will require them to build on their prior knowledge. 

Feb 7, 2022