Ocean Oasis and DNV

DNV summer project

Liftoff! The students selected for DNV’s Summer Project celebrating the launch of the Ocean Oasis concept project.

Picture credit: DNV/Magnus Dorati

Ocean Oasis has a strong relationship with DNV – the world’s leading technical and risk advisory company in the ocean space.

Co-founder and CTO, Thomas B. Johannessen, continues to work part-time for DNV where he holds the position of Senior Principal Specialist, Hydrodynamics & Metocean.

In 2014, Thomas mentored a group of 12 students selected for DNV’s summer student project in that year. Each summer, DNV sponsors graduate students – drawn mainly from the Nordics – to its headquarters in Oslo to work with leading scientists and engineers on technically visionary projects, typically involving the ocean. The summer project in 2014 focused on a wave-powered desalination device dubbed ‘Ocean Oasis’, and the project used the water-stressed city of Cape Town, South Africa, as a test case.

The Summer Project attracted positive internal and external attention, and many felt that DNV should take the project further. However, as a third-party provider of technical assurance, DNV normally does not design, build or operate physical assets, and therefore decided not to participate in the further commercialization of Ocean Oasis.

DNV strongly supports technology that advances ocean health while addressing SDG #6 on access to clean water and sanitation.

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Ocean Principles, DNV is active on many fronts working to ensure that ocean wealth and ocean health find a good balance. For that reason, we are proud of the part we played in the genesis of Ocean Oasis and are watching its growing success, including its backing by the European Innovation Council, with interest. Ocean Oasis has the potential to fix two great challenges at once: water scarcity and decarbonization, and it is a shining example of the repurposing of Norway’s offshore expertise in pursuit of a sustainable Blue Economy.  

Remi Eriksen, President & CEO, DNV

Ocean Oasis appreciates the valuable backing given by DNV.

Sep 17, 2021