Our solution

Ocean Oasis near harbour

Our robust and mobile floating desalination plant uses only wave power to run a desalination process offshore.

Our unique approach enables freshwater production in deep ocean waters using our patent-pending solution for capturing fluctuating wave energy to provide a stable flow of pressurized seawater. 

Our desalinator delivers fresh water to shore through pipes along the seabed. A fleet of units could provide fresh water to an entire city.

Depending on customer need, we can offer a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) model, where we finance the desalination plants, build, operate and maintain the plants, and ultimately deliver desalinated water to our customers under long-term contracts.

Desalination growth and offshore potential

Currently, a little over 1% of the world’s freshwater is desalinated.  The industry is growing, and set to double by 2030, but we believe offshore desalination brings a new dimension and added opportunities to this growth. Utilizing wave power in deep waters ensures a clean intake of water, and allows brine discharge away from sensitive nearshore zones. Moreover, the solution is flexible and zero-emission. Our analysis shows that offshore desalination is applicable to roughly 25% of the world’s coastlines, where wave action is sufficiently constant, or where seasonal events (e.g. monsoon) allow for flexible top-up services. Flexible offshore desalination can either precede, complement or replace expensive, land- and power-hungry onshore desalination plants.

Our markets

Potential markets for our unique offshore desalination service include but are not limited to:

  • Permanent or top-up contracts with large utilities and municipalities
  • Flexible solutions for coastal construction or mining projects (with no construction time and zero abandonment costs at the end of life-of-mine)
  • Seasonal or permanent contracts with island communities
  • Seasonal or permanent water for coastal or island tourist destinations
  • Freshwater solutions for remote ports
  • Offshore specialty requirements - e.g. offshore aquaculture

Customer value proposition

  • Ocean Oasis can supply potable water at a cost that at least matches any other solution, provided the wave environment is suitable. 
  • In addition, our solution is flexible - ready to supply water from day one after the plant is towed into location.
  • Our solution is scalable
  • Our solution involves zero emissions and zero requirements for land use.
  • Contracting is generally simplified owing to the avoidance of most if not all issues relating to land- and water rights.