We are passionate about making a difference in a water-scarce world.

You may have heard about wave-powered desalination, but we have a whole new approach. Our floating desalinator is anchored offshore in deep ocean waters. There, we use the constant power of waves to drive a reverse osmosis process and pump fresh water to shore.

Offshore conditions can be harsh and need robust technology. That is why we proudly draw on some of the best offshore engineering expertise Norway has to offer.

Our award-winning concept has been lab-tested, and we are currently building our first full-scale unit for further sea trials.

We commit to the highest principles of corporate governance. Ocean Oasis is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, and more specifically will be governed by the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles.

Our team

Kristine B Fredriksen

Kristine B. Fredriksen


Kristine B. Fredriksen is an impact driven business leader. A Norwegian citizen, she founded and led an incubator for hardware-focused young technology firms. Kristine has a MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Boston University.

Thomas Berge Johannessen

Thomas B. Johannessen


Thomas B. Johannessen, is the inventor of Ocean Oasis. Thomas is a Norwegian citizen and holds a PhD in Hydrodynamics from Imperial College. He has a long track record in the offshore and maritime industries and academia in Norway and abroad.

Sebastian Feimblatt

Sebastian Feimblatt


Sebastian Feimblatt is an international energy and finance expert. He has offshore wind business experience from Ørsted and consulting experience from KPMG. Sebastian is a Spanish citizen with an MSc from Pontificial University of Comillas ICAI.

Geir Terje Ressem

Geir Terje Ressem

Desalination Specialist

Geir Terje has been building RO desalination solutions for the greater part of his career, including solutions and water quality products for the aquaculture industry.

Per Erlend Voie

Per Erlend Voie

Marine Analysis Specialist

Per Erlend has solid experience in hull design and simulation of loads and load effects for floating marine structures, and skills as a developer. Per Erlend has a MSc in Hydrodynamics and Structure from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Our board of directors

Winifred Johansen

Winifred Johansen

Chair of the board of directors

Winifred Johansen, is a Norwegian Ugandan Luo and is SVP Commercial of Quantafuel ASA. She has a strong background in engineering and leadership, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Leadership at the University of Bradford.

Portrettbilde Kjerstin Hernes

Kjerstin Hernes

Board member

Kjerstin Hernes, represents our lead investor Grieg Edge / Grieg Maritime Group. She is Manager Portfolio, Strategy & Innovation at Grieg Maritime Group.

Our supporters